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Drywall Thickness

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Drywall Thickness

Drywall thickness varies. Most commonly used is 1/2-inch. Most standard interior walls take this type of gypsum board in various lengths from 8 X 4 foot pieces to 16 X 4 foot pieces. Half-inch drywall is fairly heavy and thick enough to perform some deadening of sound. Nevertheless, it should be understood that drywall should not be primarily relied on for sound proofing, yet coupled with proper insulation it can help perform this function. Half-inch drywall is also typical for ceilings and with adequate joists will support ceiling insulation including cellulose and fiberglass batts.

3/8-inch drywall and the even thinner 1/4-inch drywall is typically used to cover an areas where there is already a wall, but that wall is unsightly and it is easier to cover than to remove it or renovate it in the original style. This might include walls sporting several layers of wallpaper or old paneling. The thin drywall is quite light in comparison with 1/2-inch and thicker it is easy to work with. It can also help even out uneven wall and ceiling surfaces.

5/8 thickness drywall is used for areas where a fire barrier is wanted or required. The building codes in most areas require that the wall between the garage and the house be sheathed in 5/8-inch fire resistant drywall. These sheets are quite heavy and are sometimes difficult for the home owner to work with.

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