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By the time you've gotten this far, you're all done except the shouting...and the priming, painting and finish work. Whew! Drywall is a great substance for sheathing walls but it does need a bit of preparation for paint. A good primer will do, especially on the pieces that you put up backward.

This will protect the paper and plastic and make certain that the finish coat of paint sticks and covers well. Most one-coat paints that you buy presume that your drywall has been primed or painted once before. If you are putting up wainscoting, trim boards, etcetera, you will want to be certain to hang it from the studs. Though nails and screws in drywall will hold small to medium sized, framed artwork, and other brick-a-brack, it will not necessarily stand up well to the installation of hand-rails, toilet roll holders and the like.

If you are planning on tiling or wall paper a primer coat is also a good idea. You will undoubtedly have many scraps left-over. It is wise to keep a couple of these stored somewhere, just in case you need to make a repair or put a good sized hole in the wall for any reason.

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